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Find Your Wish is proud to offer a truly international Money Transfer service i.e. Indo Nepal Money Transfer, we enable Nepali Community to send money to their belongings in Nepal with automatic currency conversion. We are committed to providing excellent service & always eager to help our customers.

  • How fast will my money transfer to Nepal?
  • We transfer your money safely to any bank of Nepal within 1 working day.
  • Why there is a 2-step verification code for transfer money to Nepal?
  • This is part of Online Money Transfer India to Nepal, which guards your account information.
  • What happened if the recipient doesn't get the money?
  • We guarantee that your money will be received by your recipient, or we'll refund your money. But make sure you provide the correct details of the beneficiary.
  • How reliable is the Find Your Wish service and website?
  • The servers we maintain to save your information are protected both objectively and electronically.
    We use high-quality firewalls that keep all the data secure.
    We regularly review our security arrangements to ensure the protection of your data.
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